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On December 25, 2003 at 11 PM, Indie 103.1 was first transmitted on the KDLD radio station. The initial two tunes to play were The Ramones’ “We Want The Airwaves” and The Clash’s “This Is Radio Clash” trailed by a rundown of new tunes that had never observed business airplay, setting the tone for what might turn into a musically bold and defiant radio station. The main workers were program chief Michael Steele, music executive Mark Sovel and TK. For multi month the station kept running without any plugs or DJs and highlighted just the voices of audience members from telephones messages left on the demand line voice message. A significant number of the telephone messages were furious audience members hollering “You all suck!” and “The end result for KDL the gathering station!” The work of art for the Indie 103.1 logo was made by Obey Giant road craftsman Shepard Fairey, who might accomplish popularity as the planner of the Obama “Advance” and “Expectation” notices. The station started as a cooperation amongst Entravision and Clear Channel. Clear Channel principally took care of promoting on the station, but since the association officially claimed the most extreme number of stations in the Los Angeles advertise permitted by Federal Communications Commission directions, the game plan was ended in March 2005.[citation needed] On February 10, 2004 at twelve the main live DJ showed up on Indie 103.1.


The DJ was Steve Jones (Guitarist, lyricist and establishing individual from The Sex Pistols). Jonesy’s Jukebox turned out to be celebrated for its freestyle music and Jones’ unconventional conveyance style which included long stops, burps and the incessant shrieking of tunes. Jonesys’ maker (Indie 103.1 Music Director Mark Sovel) was named “Mr. Scoop” by Jones and turned into a comic thwart for Jones. The next week “TK” showed up as the second DJ on Indie 103.1 weekdays 2 pm – 7 pm. Inside the primary year “Outside the box” (as it came to be known) was airing live unique projects facilitated by Rob Zombie, Henry Rollins, The Crystal Method and Dave Navarro. In 2004 Rolling Stone Magazine pronounced Indie 103.1 “America’s Coolest Commercial Station”[1] Night time DJ Darren Revell later joined the staff 7 pm – midnight. From 10 pm to midnight Revell facilitated the “shoegaze” program “Huge Sonic Heaven” which he began at Detroit radio station 96.3 The Planet. Outside the box 103.1 rapidly developed in fame among audience members around the Los Angeles zone and around the globe. In spite of the fact that because of restricted flag run it was never an evaluations victor, in April 2008 Rolling Stone Magazine voted Indie 103.1 “Best Radio Station” in the country.[2] In the previous Fox TV appear, The O.C., the character of Ryan is seen awakening to Indie 103.1 on his wake up timer. An Indie 103.1 guard sticker is found in the work space in the motion picture “Grandmother’s Boy” and in a scene of the MTV demonstrate Punk’d, the Indie 103.1 studios are the place Latin reggaeton star Daddy Yankee gets tricked. In March 2006, Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Morning Show was constrained out by the station.[3] He was supplanted by Joe Escalante, who called his show “The Last Of The Famous International Morning Shows.”

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In February 2007 Program executive Michael Steele left and was supplanted by “Frantic Max” Tolkoff of 91X notoriety. On August 19, 2008, Station Manager Dawn Girocco reported her takeoff from the station[4] Starting in October 2008, long-term forte shows were either dropped (“Feel My Heat,” Community Service,” “Huge Sonic Heaven,” “Camp Freddy Radio”) or moved to ends of the week (“Harmony in My Head”).[5] Upon the crossing out of his underlying foundations music indicate “Watusi Rodeo,” Chris Morris blamed the station for “now being styled as KROQ Jr.” with an end goal to build the station’s ratings.[6] In November 2008, Escalante expressed he was surrendering the morning appear however would keep on hosting an extended two-hour form of his lawful counsel appear, “Scarcely Legal Radio.”[7] He was supplanted by long-term station Afternoon DJ “TK.” On the morning of Thursday, January 15, 2009, Entravision settled on the choice to quit broadcasting Indie 103.1 on the earthbound airwaves.[8][9] On-air staff and station staff were requested to empty and clear the station promptly. Before 10 am, the station’s identities said goodbye to the audience members and at 10 am, a message was rehashed reporting in real time until midnight Saturday, January 17, 2009.

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The message, composed by one of the Entravision deals directors and not a genuine explanation from the staff of Indie 103.1 read as takes after: “This is a critical message for the Indie 103.1 Radio Audience – Indie 103.1 will stop broadcasting over this recurrence taking effect right now. In light of changes in the radio business and the way radio crowds are estimated, stations in this market are being compelled to play excessively Britney, Puffy and elective music that is neither new nor forefront. Because of these difficulties, Indie 103.1 was as of late looked with just a single alternative – to play the corporate radio diversion. Non mainstream 103.1 has chosen not to play that amusement any more. Instead of changing the sound, soul, and soul of what has made Indie 103.1 incredible. Outside the box 103.1 will say goodbye to the earthly wireless transmissions and take an elective course. This must be done on the Internet, a place where rules don’t make a difference and where new music flourishes; be it grunge, punk, or option basically, just the best music. For those of you with a PC at home or at work, sign on to That is and tune in to the new Indie 103.1 – which is extremely the old Indie 103.1, not the variant of Indie 103.1 we are expelling from the communicate wireless transmissions. We thank our audience members and publicists for their help of the best radio station at any point imagined, and anticipate proceeding to convey the extremely popular Indie 103.1 music and soul over the Internet to enthusiastic music audience members around the globe.”

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